Naren Shanmugam

I’m an ambitious and creative entrepreneur willing to go the

extra mile to get things done.

Client Projects
Professional Projects


Web3 Community App

w3cord is a Web3 native communication and tooling app that serves as an alternative to Discord, the current standard communication app for crypto natives. Features blockchain-enabled identity, authentication and governance tools to empower the crypto community to combat spam, hacks and trolls.


Built PoC myself with Next.js, gun.js and deployed on Vercel. Validated idea in the market through focus groups and surveys. Collaborated with full-stack development team to build features and iterate towards product-market fit.

Hired two additional team members for customer success and business development. Developed and launched marketing campaigns to grow CRM to 5000+ leads and onboarded 1300+ beta users to the waitlist.


AI Generated Nikes

For Design Ideation & Inspiration

Looking towards the future, I experimented with the Stable Diffusion AI model to generate Air Jordan 1s and AirMaxs from text inputs. Here are a few of my creations. The bottom row is AI's rendition of moonboots in the style of Air Jordan 1s, my favorite shoes.

Inspired by DALL·E 2 & Midjourney
HuggingFace · Github



Product & Biz Development

$4 Billion

transactional volume


LOIs signed


deals closed

Led product development for CapitalSphere, a Bainbridge Capital partner organization's technology-enabled, deal generation engine. Recognizing the need to bridge the growing gap between investors and companies, CapitalSphere provides market participants with a secure, private exchange for M&A opportunities and various financial transactions.



intros facilitated

VR Gallery for ZERO1

Product Management


SIOs onboarded


social causes supported

On-chain minting in VR

using Moralis & Unity3D


expenses reduced


gas fees

Zero1 is a nonprofit organization that leverages art, science and technology to create social change. This project believes that VR/XR can be an effective tool for social good if it can be used as an alternative to traditional gallery spaces where artists are limited by their physical location and operating costs.

To make this space more inclusive and equitable, this VR gallery aims to empower content creators to tell their full story without any limitations of traditional galleries and raise awareness around social issues.

Led product development for WebXR Gallery and blockchain-enabled Marketplace for crypto donations towards social causes.

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